We have fun with marketing and we create successful scenarios since 2004

We juggle the marketing tools and we create relevant campaigns for our clients.

We have in our portfolio the most diverse and playful projects.

Our work focuses on results

ROI (Return on Investment) is the main objective for all our marketing campaigns.


Regardless of the campaign or the tool we use, we love to get involved and to be your trustful consultants, to be the campaigns “directors”, not only the “set operators”


Google Partner

Partener Google AdwordsMembru SEMRO

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Our production studio has a young team and always ready for action.

Balance between the need for communication, orientation to people and business efficiency, Eliza is the GM who tries to combine them all successfully.



Extremely organized, Alexandra has an experience of 4 years in the account management area and manages effectively both online and offline marketing accounts.


Art Director

With an experience of almost 3 years in project management and account management, Andra always wants to add a touch of color to every project whether it is online or offline.


Art Director

When doing new business, it is mandatory that you know what you're doing. That’s why we have Camelia who comes up with smart ideas in business development for potential clients.


Executive Producer

It’s been almost 4 years since Livia joined Business Results and she is dealing with reporting of marketing campaigns and all new projects in progress.


Costume Designer

A Master Yoda of Excel sheets, Florin handles databases and makes perfect selections in order to get out ``impeccable`` as we like to say. And he does this for 8 years now. He is the best of the best of the BEST!


Casting Manager

Experienced Choreographer in setting strategy, Google AdWords campaigns and other online projects, Veve has technical solutions to get things moving forward.



Managing special effects involves multiple meanings in the operational area. Therefore, Dragos can cope successfully with administrative and financial activities.


Special Effects

Iulia is a reliable help to Veve in online campaigns and shares her enthusiasm and passion in all the projects she manages.


Junior Choreographer

Mihaela, our Junior Account Manager, is responsible with reporting the marketing campaigns and coordinates the call center projects.


Junior Art Director