SMS Marketing

Brief communication, efficient and accurate

Find out how a short text can bring more leads to your business in a direct marketing campaign:

The SMS is used in direct marketing campaigns for a personalized communication, but also in a general communication campaign to customers or potential customers

Each SMS easy reaches the targeted audience and you know for sure that your promotional message gets to the right person

You can always “direct” something new based on the public preferences

90% of the text messages are read by users and that means a high success rate, so the message certainly reaches the targeted audience

Depending on your campaign’s objectives, we offer you the next SMS Marketing mechanisms:

SMS Marketing Push

If you want to present your services or products to the targeted audience, you can use with confidence the SMS Marketing PUSH Campaigns

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SMS Marketing Pull

If you want to stimulate your audience by incentivising them the SMS Marketing PULL campaign is the best instrument

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SMS Marketing +

You get more from each marketing solution when it’s integrated with a scenario. Find out how to integrate SMS Marketing with other Business Results services.